MDS Coating


Description: The Problem

The Problem
During aircraft operation, gas turbine engines are continuously exposed to erosive media such as sand, dirt, volcanic ash, fluids and corrosive agents which are suspended in the air. The erosive and corrosive media is extremely damaging to the engine, particularly the compressor section, which leads to expensive repairs, reduced performance, increased fuel consumption and unscheduled down time for the engine and it's applications

The Solution
MCT's special nanostructured coatings, ER-7™ and our latest technology BlackGold®, are custom designed for the compressor section of gas turbine engines. The coatings, applied by a proprietary process using Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD), are extremely thin, do not impact weight or dimension and provide protection for the following:


T64 Rainbow

"Rainbow" configuration illustrates the significant sand erosion of (alternating) uncoated blades compared to MCT coated blades.

MCT protective coatings, applied by Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) process, are so thin they do not impact the weight or dimensions of the parts, and are ideal for retrofit programs. Our nano-structured coatings are optimized for specific engine types and compressor stages to account for engine designs, materials and operating environments.